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Need Kayak rentals Captiva, FL?

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Florida, the fun heaven for most Americans, known for its tropical island, sandy beaches, and entertaining nightlife, makes it is the fun hub of the US.

If you’re not into public entertainment, and you’re looking for that serene tropical climate that has clear crystal ocean water, thenĀ Sanibel islands and Captiva, located at the Gulf Mexico, southwest of Florida, might be the perfect fit for you. Located near Fort Meyers, with airline connections, or driving for 45 minutes is your option to get there.

What makes the two islands is unlike the majority of the islands located in Florida, which developers or hoteliers have hijacked, the two islands are rarely affected. Developing around the area is illegal, and legislation that prohibits development or bars is still in effect. The only fast food restaurant available is a subway and Dairy Queen, which were already there long before the law was set. This means that most of its marine and vegetation is intake due to the years of conservation.

Sanibel Island offers both a good island view and a hotspot for wildlife. The main attraction is the abundant birds that live in colonies around the island. The different mangrove islands with shallow grass beds act as food to the numerous bird colonies. The clear water makes it serene for swimming, canoeing, and the top sport kayaking. It’s usually buzzing with life around October and April.

Captiva Island, which is just adjacent to Sanibel, is kayak’s top hotspot. Fishes such as dolphins, Ospreys, pelican’s, otters, etc., and one of the few marine preservations in the state. The long stretch of its shoreline makes it ideal for a beautiful sunset view. Kayaking at Captiva island reveals nature’s true potential.

For people with the craze for kayaking, then you’ll genuinely have the time of your life. You can either rent your Kayaks, which is the recommended option, from several outlets on either of the two islands. With or without vigorous paddling, you are sure to have a beautiful day on the water.
One of the hardest and daunting tasks is deciding on what route to take while kayaking, as there is so much to look for all in with limited time. To help you with these, you need to know at least each side of the two islands, and then maybe you can create a map on where to start.

Just imagine yourself paddling right under the moonlight with twinkling stars and the sound of nature all over the place while you watch animals heading to their place of sleeping. The mere mention of this should be more than enough reasons to load your kayak and head to this special place.
A tip that you should keep in mind is that almost any route you decide on will wind through, one of the many small mangrove islands that join up to link up with the pine island.

For those who will be deep in holiday mode and don’t feel like deciding, then your best choice is hiring out for a guided tour. Tour Guides are really in plenty, and since most of them are locals or have vast experience with the place, they will help you explore and identify wildlife and appreciate different kinds of plants located in the small islands. For first-timers, and less experienced folks in kayaking, this is undoubtedly the better option, but for the pros and regulars, then probably being on your own with your family makes a lot of sense.

Prices for accommodation range from about 150$ on-wards. If this sounds too high, you could lodge in Fort Myers for a much lower price, then drive to the islands by the morning. A quick tip is to visit during summer, early fall, or spring when it’s much cheaper.

Prices for the tour guide also range from about 20-40$ per adult for about two hours. While it’s not the cheapest place in the state, you can be sure it’s unique and special.

Am assuming since you clicked on this blog post, you have either decided where you’re going to spend your holiday kayaking in Captiva, FL or are about to book for a future date. Well, look no further. Whether as a solo traveler, group, or with family, you can be sure you won’t regret your decision at all. So grab your bag! Hop in your car or whatever means you can afford, and let’s meet in Florida’s little-known paradise.

Need kayak rentals Captiva, FL?